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Singer and Songwriter

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Singer and Songwriter

Adrian Keats is a Canadian artist and songwriter from Toronto.  As a youngster he was Influenced by folk music in the sixties to rock, country, pop, jazz and disco in the seventies, the influences were limitless over the years.

Keats always had a desire to be creative but that would take years to manifest in music and painting.

Writing has always been a passion since the early eighties but only in the past year has he devoted time to writing songs and discovering melodies.

Adrian's debut album was released in late 2020 featuring a blend of genres from pop and folk to jazz.

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Word on the Street

Client 3

Modern musicians often wear their electronics like a suit of armor; when we take away the layers & lay it all out there, there are very few who’s pure form would hold up. These sentiments help make Adrian Keats’ ‘Running With The Devil’ impressive for not only its writing, but it’s impassioned performance – the heart & soul pours out of every inflection, every understated hum of the speaker.

Without question, the most standout aspect of this track is Keats’ rough-but-honest vocals, which encases the listener in a storm-on-the-horizon ambience; a sentiment that rings heavy for many right now. From the outset, an opening melody strikes as particularly enchanting – a chromatic descent sitting over a two-chord, major key strum of an acoustic guitar. These sorts of jazz undertones run throughout, with vocalizations chalk full of melodic, stream-of-conscious style lyrical inflections that could play just as well on an expressive piano or wind instrument. After the second verse, we are greeted with the addition of an absolutely fantastic lead saxophone – it leaves one to imagine: ‘what if Clarence Clemons stopped by Bruce Springsteen’s original Nebraska sessions‘ – a high question invoked, to be certain.

This composition feels to be pulled directly from the ether; a true divination from the Goddesses & Gods – or, perhaps, from the other side of the other side. Follow Adrian Keats in all his further adventures:

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